David Komorowski






Over the years I have worked in many facets of the CG industry including, creating multimedia content, college instruction, freelance artist, and working in the film industry.
The majority of my career has been focused mainly on character creation for feature film. I have worked all different aspects of character creation including modeling, texturing, simulation for cloth and hair, tool writing, process workflow and running shots. For over 6 years I have supervised individual departments or processes such as facial rigging, hair simulation, and technical animation, and over the last 3 years have been a Character Supervisor responsible for overseeing multiple departments including modeling, rigging, cloth, hair, and technical animation.




2003-Present Walt Disney Animation Studios


Character Supervisor undisclosed project

         help to organize show structure and devise efficient workflow practices with a strong emphasis on team based approach

         head R&D on show and department related tasks

         manage the overall creation of characters ensuring that the artistic goals are being met

Character TD Tangled

         created cloth rigs for production assets

         managed fix-it notes for the technical animation department

         worked closely with lighting, FX and Animation to insure efficiency and the highest quality of work

Character Supervisor undisclosed project

         help to organize show structure and devise efficient workflow practices

         developed tools needed to deal with show specific issues

         headed R&D on show related tasks such as dynamic character driven foliage and muscle systems

Character TD Tick Tock Tale

         rigged shopkeeper character for short film

Character Supervisor Prep and Landing / Prep and Landing: Operation Secret Santa

         oversaw front end departments. modeling, rigging, simulation and technical animation

         helped design tools for dealing with our unique pipeline to allow data to be passed efficiently

         tasked with making a high quality / cost effective movie and designed workflows and techniques that helped the production finish ahead of time and under budget while maintaining a high level of quality

Technical Animation Lead Bolt

         wrote tools to help make an efficient workflow for the artists

         worked closely with lighting, FX and Animation to insure efficiency and the highest quality of work

         managed fix-it notes

         supervised a team of approximately 20 artists

Facial Lead Bolt / American Dog (unreleased)

         responsible for bidding, scheduling and tasking facial work for the show

         lead several R&D initiatives to improve quality and performance of the rigs

         leadership and mentoring of a team of artists

         troubleshooting and problem solving

         worked closely with up and downstream departments to maintain quality and ensure needs were being met.

         designed rig based facial system to be used on BOLT and Prep and Landing

Hair Lead American Dog (unreleased)

         developed pipe and tools for animating hair previously not done at the studio

         worked with software to develop our own in-house hair dynamic system

Modeler / Character TD My Peoples (unreleased) / American Dog (unreleased)

         modeled characters and created blendshapes for production

         created models using both nurbs patches and poly / sub-d modeling techniques

         created rigs for multiple characters and props



2005 ReelFX

Freelance Artist Action Man

         created characters for Action Man animated movie

         worked closely with art directors to capture the look and feel of the toy line

         managed subcontracted work to meet deadline


2002-2003 Icepond Studios

Freelance Artist

         for various projects such as GI Joe animated movies, proof of concept pieces for Cartoon Network, video game cinematic work and independent animation.

         Responsible for all aspects of development including modeling, rigging, texture/shading and anything else the job called for.


2000-2002 Fathom Studios

Sculptor Delgo: a Hero's Journey

         worked closely with character designer to create bust maquettes for main characters

         scanned maquettes to be used as digital templates for modeling

Modeler / character TD Delgo: a Hero's Journey

         developed pipeline for using scan data for production.

         modeled characters, creatures and props

         set up UV information to be used with paint

         created body and facial rigs for multiple characters


2001-2002 Atlanta College of Art

Art Instructor

         instructed Intro to Maya and Advanced Classes focusing on both Rigging and Modeling

         responsible for reviewing and grading student work


1996-2000 GE Power Systems University Multimedia

Multimedia Artist

         Responsible for creating graphics, animation and digital video for interactive CD, Internet and Video training


1993-1998 Freelance Work

Freelance Artist

         Worked for several years doing freelance for various companies.

         1998 Created animations for Dow Insulation sales presentation video. Animated Arts

         1997 Created animations for NY State training video. EN Productions

         1994-1996 Constructed props for corporate events. Ulterior Motif

         1994-1996 Illustrated catalog for 1995-96 product line. Liss Brothers

         1993 Sculpted character for fantasy model kit. Universal Armorer




1992-1994 Art Institute of Philadelphia

         Associates Degree in Specialized Technology

         Major: Industrial Design

         Academic Honors, GPA 3.95




         Siggraph paper published A Hybrid Approach to Facial Rigging

         Modeling tutorial Dave K's Poly Head Modeling Tutorial published on several websites and magazines




Available upon request