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After you've created your polygon silhouette, the next thing you're going to want to do is subdivide it using your split polygon tool (located under edit polygons>split polygon tool). The trick to keep in mind here is to follow the contours of your drawing while keeping the amount of subdivisions down to a minimum. The more subdivisions you put in on this step, the more points you will have to move in the future. Keeping your subdivisions low while placing them in points of detail will make your modeling go much smoother.


1.) Start out by creating the contour that defines your eye and cheek bone. You should end it off at the bottom of the chin. 2.) Then create a split in the opposite direction that begins on the ridge of the nose, goes through the center of the eye, and ends in the back of the head.


3.) Now is probably a good time to define the jaw line. Take this split up through the top of the head. When placing your splits, try and stay half-way between the two outer edges (this will create a cleaner mesh in the end). 4.) Next, define the line where the mouth will be. Then bring it to the back of the head (notice how I'm placing my edges half-way between the outer edges).


5.) Then split up the top of the head a little by drawing an edge from front to back. 6.) Define the lower edge of the brow by running an edge from front to back.


7.) Next define the snout by running an edge from the nose to the bottom of the jaw. 8.) Break up the neck a little by running an edge half-way between your two outer edges.


9.) Next, define the outer radial of your mouth by creating an edge that meets with the corner of the mouth. 10.) Finally... split up your mesh a little more so that you have even spacing between your edges..



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