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Once you have subdivided your mesh you will need to clean it up a little. You might have created more points than necessary and we want to keep our points to a minimum so that it will be easier to edit further up the road.

To do this you must first select all the verticies within your silhouette. Leave the border edges alone for now they are still needed to define the shape of your object. Also slelect the inside verts of the neck border leaving the outer 2 alone.

Then press the delete key on your keyboard. This will clean up any hanging verts leaving only the ones that exist at intersections.

Once your mesh has been cleaned up, again select all the inside verts (including the ones on the inside of the neck)

Next thing we want to do is bring this model into the third dimension. We do this by simply going to the front viewport and pulling the selected points toward the the outer edge of your drawing.

To give you more of a sense of form while modeling, it is a good idea to create an instance of your object. An instance is an object that shares the same shape node but has a different transform node. Making it an exact duplicate of your original geometry just at a different point in space. Therefore, any changes you make on one side will take place on the other instantaniously.

To create your instance, go to edit>duplicate and open your options dialog box. Check -1 on the scale X direction, then under geometry type check instance.

Now you have the beginnings of your head... not much to look at now but it soon will be.


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