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In your front viewport move the points of the eye radial so that they fit to your drawing. Then in your shaded perspective view pull those points one at a time in the Z direction until they ride the surface of the nurbs sphere.

These points will define the eye lids of your head. The next thing your going to want to do is create another radial around the lid to help define that shape a little more.


Grab the verts of this radial and push and pull them in space until you get a good looking eyelid.

Our guy is still a little rough but he's shaping up quickly. It's good to work as light as possible to define your shapes quickly. Don't go overboard trying to add in detail... that will come later. Right now just concentrate on creating the form of the head.

Next thing we will work on is the nose. To start out, draw an edge starting at the upper lip going straight up passing through where the center of the nostril will be and continuing up into the forehead.

As you add in new edges, you should push and pull the points to define your shape better and make it rounder.

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