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Next, I will throw in a few more edges around the corner of the eye to create the tearduct. These edges will also help define the wrinkles on the ridge of the nose. I'll also throw in another edge around the bottom of the brow to help make it more distinct. Then, I split up the faces under the nose to create more information for the upper lip and cheek bone.

Now that we have the shape of the eyelid pretty well defined, we can go ahead and create the eyesocket for this guy. Start off by creating a loop just inside the eyelid loop. This will define the thickness of the eyelid.

Next, create two more loops, an inner ring and an outer ring. These will be used to create the depth of the eye socket.

Grab all the points of the inner ring and push them back in the Z direction (into the head) then take all the points of the outer ring and scale them informally to create the underside of the eyelid. If some of these points penetrate the outer surface, just simply move the points back in space. Now you should have a fairly descent looking eye socket.

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