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Once you have created all of your lofts you should attach each surface together. First, select the the first surface, then (holding down shift) select the second surface. Then, using the attach surfaces command (go to edit nurbs> attach surface) attach them together. Repeat this step until you have a single solid nurbs surface.

Now all we have left to do is match the nurbs surface to the inside of the mouth. In order to do this we will need to match the information up. Ignoring the center edge and the mouth corner edge... count the number of edges that make up your upper lip. In this case we have edges.

In order to match up the edges with the inside of the mouth, you must insert 8 isoparms from the center edge to the mouth corner edge. In order to do this, right click over the nurbs surface and select "Isoparm" from the marking menu. Select an edge and drag. You will see a yellow line appear, this is not actually an isoparm... it's just a marker indicating where you want to put an isoparm. Holding down the shift button you can insert as many yellow lines as you need.

After you have created 8 evenly spaced yellow lines, you need to create isoparms out of them. To do this, simply go to edit nurbs>insert isoparms and the information will be added for you.

When you are done repeat this step for the lower lip as well.

Finally we have a surface for the inside of the mouth. The next thing we need to do is convert it to polygons so that we can attach it to the rest of the head. To do this select your nurbs surface, then go to modify>convert>nurbs to polygons and open the options dialog box.

Under "Type" select quads

Under "Tesselation Method" select general

In the Initial Tesselation Controls section...

for "U Type" select "Per Span # of Iso Params"

for "Number U" select "1"

for "V Type" select "Per Span # of Iso Params"

for "Number V" select "1"

Then press the tesselate button in the lower right to convert it to polys.

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